Sucks to Be Human by Guitar Chords by The F16s

Sucks to Be Human by Guitar Chords by The F16s

Sucks to Be Human by The F16s Guitar Chords. The chords used – (A) (E7) (Bm7) (C#m7) (E) (C#m) (D) (Bm) (C#) (F#m7) (Dmaj7) (Am) (A7) (C#7), Capo – 2nd Fret, Key – F#

  • Chords used: (A) (E7) (Bm7) (C#m7) (E) (C#m) (D) (Bm) (C#) (F#m7) (Dmaj7) (Am) (A7) (C#7)
  • Key: F#
  • Capo: Capo on 2nd fret
  • Tempo: 143 BPM

Verse 1

(A) A stairway unto heaven
(A) And behold, the pearly gates
(A) But I’m no (E7) saint
(E7) It’s too late
(E7) It’s (A) hard to be a cynic
(A) When everyone’s urbane
(A) But don’t be (E7) naïve
(E7) My pet peeve

Verse 2

(E7) Yeah, (Bm7) my friends paid me a visit
(Bm7) But they’re (C#m7) imaginary
(C#m7) Outer-planet-(Bm7)-ary
(Bm7) Here we (C#m) go
(C#m) ‘Cause, man, I’m feeling out of (Bm7) place
(Bm7) Six light-years (C#m7) away
(C#m7) And into outer (Bm7) space
(Bm7) Yeah, (E) my eyes were playing tricks on me
(E7) And when I awoke, it was all a (A) dream


(A) You’ll be lonely (E7) nevermore

Verse 3

(C#m7) I made a buddy (F#m7) and he needs no (A7) introduction
(Dmaj7) Hey Mr. Martian, think I’m ready for abduction
(C#m7) Can we jiggy quickly? (F#m7) Dizzy hippie on my (Dmaj7) UFO?
(C#m7) How did we end up with a planet left in ruin?
(D) We’re fighting battles that we only keep on losing
(C#7) Apologies, but it sucks to be human


(A) Big (Bm) bang (Bm7)
(Bm) Big (Bm7) bang

Song Info & Credits:

  • Artist/Band: The F16s
  • Release Date: Oct. 10, 2021
  • Album: Is It Time to Eat the Rich Yet?
  • Genre: Alternative
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