Amber Guitar Chords by The F16s

Amber Guitar Chords by The F16s

Amber by The F16s Guitar, Piano, and Ukulele Chords. The chords used in this song are (Gmaj7) (G) (A) (Dmaj7) (E7) (D) (Gm) (Amaj7) (F), Capo – No capo, Key – G

  • Chords used: (Gmaj7) (G) (A) (Dmaj7) (E7) (D) (Gm) (Amaj7) (F)
  • Key: G
  • Capo: No Capo
  • Tempo: 94 BPM

Verse 1

(Dmaj7) Find me in my dreams
(Dmaj7) Or call me in my sleep
(Gmaj7) You can go (Dmaj7) against the flow
(Dmaj7) But don’t you let me know (Gmaj7)
(Dmaj7) Floating in mid air but totally unaware
(Gmaj7) That my heart is heavier than (Dmaj7) yours

Verse 2

(Dmaj7) Is it true?
(Gmaj7) Is it you?
(Dmaj7) Now we’re doomed
(D) Nothing (G) new

Verse 3

(G) You had my heart,
(A) delete it (G) Apocalyptic but in never (A) land, (G) Yeah, give me something to believe (A) in
(G) Back in baby we’ll be alright

Verse 4

(G) Help me lose my mind
(A) I do it all the (G) time
(A) And when (G) we are alone
(A) They don’t even have to (G) know

Verse 5

(Dmaj7) Fuck it, I’m happy and I’m (Gmaj7) glad you are too
(Dmaj7) It’s not clear yet what I need now
(Gmaj7) But it’s clearly not you
(E7) And to hell with everybody
(Gmaj7) They don’t know you like I do
(E7) And when I count my blessings
(Gm) I’d minus the one, for you

Verse 6

(E7) To hell with everybody
(Gmaj7) To hell for all I care
(E7) To hell my babe oh baby
(Gm) And I swear I’ll see you there

Song Info & Credits:

  • Artist/Band: The F16s
  • Release Date: May 31, 2019
  • Album: WKND FRNDS
  • Genre: Alternative
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