I Know A Place Guitar Chords by Chevy

I Know A Place Guitar Chords by Chevy

I Know A Place by Chevy Guitar, Piano, and Ukulele chords. The chords used – (E) (E7) (A) (Am) (Amaj7) (F#m), Capo – 1st Fret, Key – F maj

  • Chords used: (E) (E7) (A) (Am) (Amaj7) (F#m)
  • Key: F maj
  • Tempo: 143 Bpm
  • Capo: 1st Fret


(E) (E7) (A) (Am) (2x)

Verse 1

(E) I know a place
That’s (E7) sound and safe
For (A) us now (Am)
No (E) need to hide
Or (E7) say goodbyes
Leave (Amaj7) them out (Am)
We’ll (A) run (F#m) away
It’ll (A) be okay (Am)


(Amaj7) Hmm (Am)
(E) Bum bah (E7) dum dum

Verse 2

We can (E) chase waterfalls and
(E7) Talk ’til all my (Amaj7) hair dries (Am)
Just (E) lie on the sand
Each (E7) hand in hand
In (A) paradise
(Am) Cause we don’t got (F#m) long
‘Til (A) we say so long (Am)


(A) Hmm
(E) Dum dah (E7) dum dum dah (Amaj7) duh duh dum dah (Am)


We can (F#m) live in (A) this lovely dream
It’ll (F#m) be my (A) reality (Am) (E)


(E) I know a place
That (E7) has no trace
(A) Of us now (Am)
It’s (E) just a (Am) thought
So don’t tell me (E) it’s wrong

Song Info & Credits –

  • Artist/Band: Chevy
  • Release Date: Mar. 30, 2021
  • Album: I Know A Place
  • Genre: Pop
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